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Ainsworth Community Schools

McAndrew Elementary


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October Birthday & Mission Celebration

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On Wednesday October 31st, McAndrew Elementary held their monthly celebration in the gym. The celebration began with announcements and celebrating the prior day’s recognition slips before leading into the Pledge of Allegiance. Then, Mr. Childers and the students talked about their ‘October Mission’, which was to ‘Show Gratitude’. The yearlong mission of Being Safe, Being Respectful, and Being Responsible was also discussed and reinforced. Mr. Childers said, “Our monthly missions all go right along with our yearly mission. It is important to continuously reinforce our positive mindset toward Being Safe, Being Respectful, and Being Responsible. The students and teachers have taken ownership over what this mission looks like in all areas of the school. Our next step is to take it one step further and unite the community in this mission.”


Throughout the month of September, students were given recognition slips each time they were ‘caught’ meeting or exceeding the expectations of both the October and yearlong missions. Mr. Childers stated, “When we move from ‘buy-in’ to ‘ownership’ over our monthly and yearly missions, we truly create a sense of pride in what we are doing here at school and in the community. Our ultimate goal is to make these missions part of who we truly are in all aspects of life, not just at school. I’m extremely proud of the teachers for setting high expectations for our students and sticking to them. When the teachers continuously hold their students to high expectations, the students begin to rise to those expectations and take ownership over their words, thoughts, and actions.”


At this point in the celebration, Mr. Childers and Mrs. Jacobsen drew winning names from different bags students were able to place their names in each time they received a positive recognition slip. The bags the students could choose to put their names in were, ‘Scholastic Book Coupons’, ‘Extra Recess’, ‘Class Extra Recess’, ‘Brownies and Ice Cream with the Principal’, and ‘Lunch with the Principal’. There was also a ‘Student of the Month’, which was awarded to one of our 25 finalists. The finalists consistently exemplified what it means to do things the ‘Bulldog Way’ in all areas of the school and community. The last award of the day was given to the ‘Class of the Month’, which was awarded to the class that met or exceeded our expectations of Being Safe, Being Respectful, and Being Responsible while ‘Showing Gratitude’ in all areas of the school on a consistent basis. Mr. Childers told the students, “This was the toughest month to choose so far because the students are working extremely hard in each classroom, but two classes rose above the rest and separated themselves in regards to meeting and exceeding our expectations each day. Ultimately, the decision came down to getting help from outside sources in regards to which class was chosen as our ‘Class of the Month’.”


The winners of the ‘Scholastic Books Coupons’ were Landre S., Jodie D., and Buck R. The winner of the ‘Extra Recesses’ were Tyler C. and Ava F. (not pictured). The winning class for the ‘Class Extra Recess’ was Mrs. Gibson’s Second Grade Class. The winners of the ‘Brownies and Ice Cream with the Principal’ were Kailey C., Adeline H., Vaden P., Cody C., Ella D., Lily B., Kenley W., and Londyn D. The winner of ‘Lunch with the Principal’ was Beau O. Our October ‘Student of the Month’ was Jaylee G. “Out of the 25 finalists, Jaylee separated herself due to the way she conducts herself in all areas of the school and the community. She is a model student for her peers, as well as the younger students. I would would be willing to let Jaylee speak for our school at any time in regards to what it looks like to meet and exceed our expectations here at Ainsworth Community Schools,” declared Mr. Childers. Lastly, the ‘Class of the Month’ was Mrs. Alberts’s First Grade Class. They did an awesome job meeting and exceeding the expectations of Being Safe, Being Respectful, and Being Responsible while ‘Showing Gratitude’ all month. Mrs. Tami Jacobsen said, “The improvement this class has made since August is amazing. Mrs. Alberts has huge expectations for her class at all times and the students are doing a marvelous job exceeding those expectations.”


The November Mission is to ‘Do what is right, not what is easy’. This is a mission that can be worked on both at school and in the community on a regular basis. Mr. Childers reiterated, “The easy choice and the right choice are not always the same thing. We must develop discipline and intrinsic motivation in order to always choose what is right because there will be plenty of times when there are easier choices than the right one. I’m excited to see how the students respond to our new mission since I truly believe this is our toughest one yet. Out in the community, we want to see this as well. It’s often easy to choose the path of least resistance, but very few things worth having in life come from choosing the easy way out.”


Mr. Childers ended by saying, “Our school and community connection is extremely important to me. I grew up in a town of similar size to Ainsworth, so I understand the importance of uniting our school and community. Our monthly missions provide a great community connection that everyone can embrace and take ownership over. The students and teachers at Ainsworth Community Schools are building a culture of excellence and positivity, but we don’t want it to stop at the school level. My challenge to the community is to embrace the positivity and excellence as well. When we come together as a school and community while embracing excellence and high expectations, there truly is no limit to how far we can go. Our students deserve that, just as our community does.”