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Ainsworth Community Schools

McAndrew Elementary


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January Birthday & Mission Celebration

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        On Friday February 1st, McAndrew Elementary held their monthly celebration in the gym. The monthly celebration started with songs and positivity, led by the teachers and students. Then, Mr. Childers and the students talked about their January Mission, which was to ‘Give’ without it involving any monetary value. Things such as ‘giving our best effort’, ‘giving kindness’, and ‘giving good attitudes’ were reinforced throughout the months of December and January. The year long mission of Being Safe, Being Respectful, and Being Responsible was also discussed, reinforced, and the students provided examples of what it looks like when we accomplish that mission. Mrs. Jen Lentz said, “It’s been really great to see all the positivity and pursuit of excellence that is going on in the elementary this year. Throughout each day, there is a stream of recognition slips coming into the office for meeting and exceeding the McAndrew Elementary expectations. I wish everyone could see the look on the faces of the students as they bring in their slips and get to tell me why they earned them. It’s awesome to see such excited kids each day.”


Throughout the month of January, students were given recognition slips each time they were noticed meeting or exceeding the expectations of both the January mission and the year long missions. Mr. Childers stated, “The students are continually pushing themselves, as well as their classmates, to be their very best and it truly shows. It has been fun to see the transition in culture each month. I truly believe we’ve made great strides, but we still have a long ways to go. It takes a ton of hard work to make great changes, which is why I’m extremely proud of the teachers, as well. They’ve owned our missions and have truly pushed to be great role models for our students. I look forward to working beside our great teachers each day because of the dedication they put forth to make sure our students are successful.”


At this point in the celebration, Mr. Childers and Mrs. Lentz drew winning names from different bags students were able to place their names in each time they received a positive recognition slip throughout the month. The bags the students could choose to put their names in were, ‘Scholastic Book Coupons’, ‘Extra Computer Time’, ‘Class Extra Recess’, ‘Brownies and Ice Cream with the Principal’, and ‘Breakfast with the Principal’. There was also a ‘Student of the Month’, which was awarded to one of our 26 finalists. The finalists were nominated by teachers throughout the building for consistently showing what it looks like and sounds like to meet and exceed our monthly and yearly missions. The last award of the day was given to the ‘Class of the Month’, which was awarded to the class that met or exceeded our expectations of Being Safe, Being Respectful, and Being Responsible while ‘Giving’ in all areas of the school on a consistent basis.


The winners of the ‘Scholastic Books Coupons were Matthew S., Kristofer H., and Lunna F. The winners of the ‘Extra Computer Time’ were Ariana A. and Zaine E. The winning class for the ‘Class Extra Recess’ was Mrs. Scholtes’ fourth grade class. The winners of the ‘Brownies and Ice Cream with the Principal’ were Brock C., Isabelle A., Conner M., Barrett K., Anna Z., Dylan T., Evie O., and Emilyn G. The winner of ‘Breakfast with the Principal’ was Julieta C. Our December ‘Student of the Month’ was Caden F.

“Caden is a young individual who is always showing great examples of what it looks like to be nominated for student of the month. He shows great integrity by doing what is right, even when no one is watching him. Caden consistently helps other students when they need it, as well as his teacher. He does a magnificent job of meeting and exceeding our McAndrew Elementary Expectations and has actually been nominated for the award each month. I’ve had the privilege of seeing Caden meet and exceed our expectations outside of school, as well, and I would have zero hesitation sending him to any kindergarten classroom across the state. I know he would represent Ainsworth well,” stated Mr. Childers.


The last thing awarded was the ‘Class of the Month’. The ‘Class of the Month’ for January was Mrs. Gibson’s second grade class. Mr. Childers stated, “Mrs. Gibson’s class is a special class because they are often heard encouraging one another. They are willing to help their teacher and the other students in the classroom on a regular basis. They show respect, responsibility, and are safe in all areas of the school consistently. It is a common thing to hear other adults in the building complimenting them on their rockstar behavior. Mrs. Gibson’s students know when it’s time to be silly and when it is time to buckle down and work. It has been fun to see the progress the class has made since walking in the doors in August. Mrs. Gibson plays a huge role in her class earning ‘Class of the Month’, as well. She is a positive advocate for each of her students and will do whatever it takes to ensure the success of each student in her room. Having her on staff has truly been a blessing for everyone here at McAndrew Elementary.”


The February Mission is our toughest mission thus far. Our February Mission is to ‘Take Pride in who we are and what we strive to be’. This is a mission that can be worked on both at school and in the community each day. “Taking pride in who we are, both as a school and as individuals, is extremely important. We need to take pride in the community of Ainsworth, while also having the community take pride in our school system. We truly do strive to be the best we can be here at Ainsworth Community Schools. As a school system, we take great pride in who we currently are, but we aren’t where we want to be yet. We have to strive to be better each day as a school system and community.  Whether we’re in school, out in our community, or representing Ainsworth across the state, I have a firm belief that we must take pride in who we are and strive to be our very best,” remarked Mr. Childers.


One thing worth noting was our students here at McAndrew Elementary earned 888 positive recognition slips during the month of January. “That’s an extremely impressive number, which is a testament to both the students and teachers. The students had to earn each slip and the teachers were responsible for ‘catching’ the students doing positive things. During the second semester, Mr. Childers challenged the students to receive 3,000 positive recognition slips. With that goal well within reach already, he added two more goals for the students (and teachers) to work toward during the rest of the semester. If the students reach 4,000 recognition slips, the entire school will earn a treat from Mr. Childers and if they reach 4,500 recognition slips one lucky teacher will earn the right to ALSO put a chocolate pie in our principal’s face. I think what has made this year successful so far is Mr. Childers’s dedication to positivity and hard work, while keeping things fun and pushing the students (and teachers) to truly be their best each and every day. The teachers are going to work hard to reach 4,500 recognition slips without a doubt, as long as the students work hard as well,” laughed Mrs. Jacobsen.


Mr. Childers concluded by stating, “We’re off to an amazing start in our second semester, but that doesn’t mean the expectations will drop. In fact, the expectations continue to rise with our February monthly mission. As a member of this great community, I challenge you to take pride in who WE are and what WE strive to be. When each member of our school and community accepts this challenge, we will see phenomenal results within an already amazing community. When there are challenges to our mission, we must stick together and hold each other accountable to be our very best each day. This truly is a community where ‘We’ means much more than ‘Me’ and I’m proud to be part of the great things we’re doing here.”