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No School Monday, September 1

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July and August Birthday Celebration and “Superpowers” Tribute

...elementary students recognized for birthdays and Superpowers!

Once a month the McAndrew Elementary students, faculty, and staff gather in the hallway for an all-school assembly.  At the assembly, we recognize all the people who had birthdays during that month.  On Friday, August 29 th , we recognized everyone in our school who celebrated a birthday in July or August. We also honored students who received “Superhero Sightings” during the month.  “Superhero Sightings” are awards resulting from an outstanding effort in the classroom, a kind act to another student, or the achievement of a personal goal.  Once a staff member has recorded a . . . read more

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Pottery Workshop Held At AHS

Get Ready for Pottery! Recently two Ainsworth students and one former student participated in a pottery workshop held at Ainsworth High School.  Pat Schemmer from Valentine was the instructor and she showed the students how to center large amounts of clay (25 lbs) and how to make large pots in two sections.  She also demonstrated how to trim the pots once they are dry enough.  Pat also showed the students how to set up equations so that the students can figure how much clay they need to use to reach a . . . read more

7th Graders Send Bears on Vacation

Bear Project for 7 th Grade Social Studies Students   The 7 th Grade Social Studies students have started their traveling bears project.  Each 7 th grader is sending a stuffed animal and journal to a place of their choice in the United States or world . The person who receives the stuffed animal will be instructed to journal about the location while the animal is there and then send the animal on to another location. We are hoping that our stuffed animals will visit many places this year and that our journals will be . . . read more


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