Ainsworth Community Schools

Thirty-two Ainsworth High School students competed in Scholastic Day at Chadron State College on October 25, 2023. The students took 49 tests and earned third place as a school in Division IV. There were 900 students from about forty schools competing. 

Tessa Barthel placed first in the Teaching Presentation competition, earning a medal, scholarship to Chadron State College, and a sweatshirt. 

Second place medals were won by Breanna Fernau in Teaching Presentation and Cole Bodeman in American Government.

Placing in the top 25% of their tests were:
Gracie Kinney – 4 th in Veterinary Science,
Cole Bodeman – 5 th in Advanced Mathematics,
Katherine Kerrigan – 5 th in World History and 8 th in Psychology,
Korah Dunbar – 5 th in Nutrition & Family Health,
Megan Jones – 5 th in Animal Science,
Makenzy Cheatum – 5 th in Equine Management and 6 th in Environmental Science,
Mason Titus – 6 th in Business Communication/Vocabulary, and
Emma Kennedy – 8 th in Psychology.
Top ten placings, not in the top 25%, included Chloe DeBusk – 8 th in Music, and Hannah Beel –
9 th in Accounting.